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Students at JHS use Edgenuity to recover credits.  Student will access Edgenuity through their Clever account.  For more information on Edgenuity please click the link below.
Students at JHS use IXL in their English classes.  As a school we also use IXL diagnostics.  Students can access IXL through their Clever accounts.  For more information on IXL please see the video below.
Students at JHS use DBQ in both their English and history classes.  As a school we are working to increase our students literacy skills.  For more information on the DBQ method see the link below.
CAASPP Interim Assessments
Students at JHS take part in the CAASPP interim assessments in both their English and Math classes during the school year.  Students can also do practice tests at  home.  For more information please see the link below.
Students at JHS take parent in Everfi lessons as part of their intervention labs.  For more information on Everfi please see the link below.