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TITLE IX, 1349 Reporting - Jamison High School is a small school and does not compete in competitive athletics.

You can find our scheduled games on our calendar and JHS Facebook page:

Soccer, Volleyball,  Basketball and Softball

  • All student-athletes must complete a physical by a doctor before being allowed to play a scheduled game.  Please go to the JHS office for the necessary forms.

  • All student-athletes must adhere to the Jamison High School Code of Athletics to be eligible to be a member of a JHS team.

In 2006, Jamison High School implemented an interscholastic sports program that is open to all students in good standing.  Jamison competes in a sports league with other area continuations schools which includes Earl F. Johnson (Hanford), Tech Prep (Tulare), Citrus(Porterville), Sequoia (Visalia), and Lovell (Orosi).

The sports offerings consist of soccer, volleyball, basketball, and softball.  All teams are coed and in order for students to be eligible, they must be in good academic standing,   not have any major referrals, maintain a high attendance rate, and sign an athletic code of ethics.  Student-athletes are monitored on a weekly basis to ensure they maintain their eligibility status. 
Our coaches are proud of the fact that Jamison has earned a few championships in league tournaments, as well as several other league accolades.  The coaching staff attributes the success to the dedication and hard work of student-athletes, along with the strong support of Principal, Nicole Mora, and the JHS staff. The coaching staff has consisted of:  Mr. Schalde, Mr. Moranda, Ms. Wood, and Mr. Guajardo.

Another positive effect of the sports program is an increase in school pride.  The student body frequently places posters around campus to celebrate a recent victory and to wish teams good luck in an upcoming competition.  Athletes are also recognized at student-organized rallies where they receive individual and team awards.  The program has also established auxiliary ways for all students to participate in the sports program.  For example, long time JHS teacher Mrs. Stone’s award-winning Jamison Enterprises program designs and performs the silkscreen work for all sports uniforms. 

When the sports program was established, the staff observed improved academic performance and citizenship for student-athletes.  Sports participants are constantly inquiring about their academic status and have made academics a priority, in order to maintain their student-athlete status.  In addition, the staff has noticed that the referral rate for student-athletes has greatly decreased because participants do not want to jeopardize their privilege to compete.  
For many Jamison students, the sports program is the first time they have participated in organized sports.  It has been a fantastic experience for students to learn the concepts of teamwork and commitment.  For staff, it has been a source of inspiration to see students flourish and develop as students and athletes.  Many of the lessons learned from sports competition, will help Jamison students in their future endeavors. 
For more information on Jamison sports programs, please contact Jamison High School at (559)  924-6620.  For information on a specific sport please contact the coach at the email address below.
Volleyball: [email protected]
Basketball: [email protected]