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Registration Procedures: 
  • All District registration forms must be completed and signed before registration and enrollment is completed.
  • Bring transcripts, immunization records, and proof of residency.
  • Orientation to enroll new students occurs on Fridays at the end of progress reports or at the end of semester periods, unless the student is suspended, expelled, foster or homeless, or coming from out of the district. Students will begin school the following Monday.


Voluntary Enrollment: 
With the consent of the Superintendent or his designee, any student 16 years of age or older may enroll in continuation classes in order to receive special attention, such as individualized instruction. Students who enroll voluntarily may request to return to the traditional high school at the beginning of the following year, or at any time the Superintendent or her designee gives consent.  However, voluntary enrollment does not guarantee a return to traditional high school upon request.  Upon the recommendation of the administration the voluntary status of any student may be revoked due to any act committed that is listed in Education Code 48900.

Involuntary Enrollment: 
Involuntary transfer to a continuation school shall be made only when other means fail to bring about student improvement in the regular high school program.  A decision to transfer a student involuntarily shall be made upon the recommendation of the Student Discipline Review Board and be based on a finding that the student committed an act listed in Education Code 48900 or has been habitually truant or irregular in attendance.
Returning to LHS:
Students who are involuntarily transferred to the continuation school and wanting to return to LHS must meet the following criteria:
  • Academic progress review
  • Attendance review
  • Discipline review
  • Recommendation from staff and administration at JHS.
  • A positive recommendation from the School Discipline Review Board.
  • Finish the current semester and the following semester. (E.C. 48432.5)

Withdrawal from school:
Students subject to compulsory attendance laws who withdraw from JHS must complete each of the following steps:
  • Provide written or verbal confirmation from parent or guardian.
  • Provide a forwarding address.
  • Provide forwarding name and address of next school of attendance.

Any person 16 or 17 years old who left school after obtaining a California High School Proficiency Certificate may re-enroll in the district without prejudice.  If the student leaves a second time, the district may deny re-enrollment until the beginning to the new semester. (E.C. 48414)
If you have any questions please contact the office at (559) 924-6620.