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Donald C. Jamison High School (JHS) is a continuation high school, which began serving Lemoore area students in 1991.  It is located east of Lemoore High School and serves students in grades eleven and twelve.  JHS is named in honor of Donald C. Jamison, the first principal and pioneer of continuation education in our school district.  Mr. Jamison was principal of the former South High School from 1974, until his retirement in 1983.  It is said that Mr. Jamison was a fierce defender and advocate of “his kids” at South High and that he was committed to providing the guidance and nurturing that would ensure the success of each of his students.  His philosophy of supporting students continues today at JHS.

JHS has seven full time teachers and one part time teacher.  In addition to the teachers, we have a support staff that includes a part-time registrar, principal’s secretary, intervention aides, counselor, and principal. Jamison High School also has district support staff on campus on a regular basis to help meet our student's needs.

The school year is divided into trimesters.  The trimester system works well for our students because they can see their educational goals being met at a faster rate.  The school day consists of six periods.  The extended periods allow teachers to implement hands on project-based assignments as well as research-based assignments.  The majority of our students are full day students, while others have a modified schedule based on student needs.  The teacher to student ratio is one teacher to approximately twenty students.  The smaller number of students per class provides the opportunity for teachers to get to know the students, which in turn build a strong working relationship in the classroom.

Our student body consists of students transferred from LHS and out of district.  Students are transferred to JHS via Student Discipline Review Board (SDRB).  The majority of the students are involuntarily sent due to attendance and behind in credits.  Students have the opportunity to make up credits and return to LHS for their senior year. 


Mission Statement

The mission of Jamison High School is to provide a quality education for students needing an alternative to a traditional high school setting.  Jamison fosters the philosophy that all students can learn in an environment where they are valued and given the attention that is difficult to attain in larger educational settings.  The staff at Jamison is committed to preparing and supporting students to succeed academically, compete in a competitive job market, and become productive and ethical members of their communities.

Vision Statement



Jamison High School strives to become an innovator for continuation schools by providing students with a research based education to produce graduates with the academic, technological, and social skills to become integral parts of society.




Schoolwide Learning


T      Technology – be proficient in state of the art technology

Graphic Design

R     Readiness – be ready for the next step

Career Day
Senior Exit Interviews
Senior Portfolios
Next Step Visitations (Colleges, vocational programs, etc.)

A     Achievement – earn a diploma

Credit Requirements
Community Service

C     Citizenship – become involved in the community

Senior Center
Special Olympics
Community Service

K     Knowledge – demonstrate proficiency of the curriculum

Common Core State Standards
Summative and Common Formative Assessments


      PBIS Statement


In order to provide a quality education, JHS will support optimal student achievement by utilizing a positive behavioral approach for creating and maintaining a safe and effective learning environment.


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