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About Lemoore Adult School

Lemoore Adult School is a member of the West Hills Adult Education Consortium.  The consortium is made up of various schools throughout the valley.  The goal of the consortium is to provide students in our region with the best educational opportunities possible.  Lemoore Adult School is committed to working alongside the consortium to serve the needs of adults in our area who are working to earn a high school diploma. 
Lemoore Adult School Session: August - May. 
Classes: Monday-Thursday | From 3:30pm - 5:30pm 
How to enroll: Call the Jamison High School office at (559) 924-6620.
Lemoore Adult School Teaching Staff
Kristine Kjelson [email protected]
Ryan Righetti [email protected]
Jennifer Lopez [email protected]
David Coulon [email protected]
Lemoore Adult School Office Staff
Nicole Mora | [email protected] 
Estela Saldana Vazquez | [email protected]
Amalia Ortiz | [email protected]
Cheryl Symonds | [email protected]