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In order to earn a Jamison High School Diploma, students must successfully:
  • Pass 220 course credits
  • Pass a Senior Exit Interview with Portfolio
  • Complete 40 hours of Community Service (10 hours each year the student is enrolled in LUHSD.)


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Participation in the Commencement Ceremony:

Commencement is reserved for members of the current class who have completed all the diploma requirements.

In addition, the following is required for students to be eligible to participate in commencement:

  • Submit a signed "Request to Participate in the Commencement Ceremony."
  • Be of worthy character and demonstrate good citizenship.
  • Satisfy District residency requirement of 20 credits or at the discretion of the principal.
  • Must participate in practice ceremonies.

The principal may disallow participation in the ceremony for serious misconduct on the part of the student in the weeks prior to the ceremony.


Community Service:

The community service requirement can be completed a variety of ways within the community.  Parents and students may also suggest potential community service locations.  Fulfilling the requirement requires the completion of a Community Service Log and a signature from a responsible party.  The logs can be turned into the administration office.  For questions about community service please contact the JHS Office, 559-924-6620.

Examples of acceptable community service:

  • Counselor at camp.
  • Working in a snack bar at Little League or Soccer league (without pay).
  • Volunteering at a non-profit organization such as a school, city or county agency.
  • Police Explorers.
  • Boy Scout projects.
  • Clean up projects.
  • Helping out at senior citizens home or complex.
  • Tutor.
  • Class or school projects.
  • Chamber of Commerce volunteer.
  • Hospital volunteer.
  • Community College aides
  • City, county or state volunteer.
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Examples of non-acceptable community service:

  • Community service assigned by the courts, probation department, etc.
  • Working at a fast food restaurant.
  • Working at a for-profit business.
  • Babysitting.
  • Mowing lawns or landscaping, other that for someone who cannot perform this task themselves.
  • Normally any work that involves payment.

Summary of Course Requirements:

English   40.00
Mathematics 20.00
    10 Credits in Integrated Math 1 10.00    
Science 20.00
Social Science 35.00
  World History 10.00  
  US History 10.00  
  Geography   5.00  
  Economics   5.00  
Physical Education 20.00
Fine Arts 10.00
Electives 75.00
Total Credits for Graduation 220.00